Music engraving services

Music permeates our whole life, from the first second of the first breath to the full completion of all the fascinating processes that take place inside our organisms. And some, especially advanced individuals, can enjoy it even in the womb – now it is considered very useful, especially for authors who are ready to provide similar musical material to anyone who wishes for a fairly modest reward. There is no reliable information about the need for such a service for those who have completed their earthly existence.

Nevertheless, from the very moment that marked the final separation of man from the animal kingdom, the urgent need for musical accompaniment of the ritual component first of all became the order of the day. It was about a hundred and sixty thousand years ago. Gradually, the music ceased to be exclusively applied in nature and began to allocate various autonomous directions, intended solely for listening.

It would hardly be possible in the absence of any possibility of recording all these ephemeral vibrations in an adequate way. A cuneiform tablet from Nippur clearly demonstrated that four thousand years ago a music copying for recording emotionally perceived organized sound was already in some way in demand. Even in such a somewhat inconvenient wedge-like form. The role of the physical carrier was assumed by clay, stone, papyrus, parchment, paper …

Music engraving also underwent changes, removing some difficulties from the music copying and adding others. These are letter graphemes based on the Greek or Latin alphabets, these are the mnemonic nevmenny system, and the linear, precisely fixing the pitch of sounds and rhythm, tablature is an abbreviated recording for stringed plucked and ancient keyboard instruments and organ … All other types are conventionally called experimental.

It was from what to get depressed when music copying in dense pre-computer times. A happy modern user while music copying is free from such inconveniences. Complete with appropriate programs and necessary knowledge, he is ready to quickly and inexpensively perform any required range of musical services that satisfies even the most unimaginable requests.

What can a music engraving include?

If necessary, it is possible to pre-edit the proposed material, make the necessary changes to it, restoration and similar events aimed at bringing the material to the desired condition. After, in fact, a music engraving, which, unlike the cuneiform options, does not take much time, printing an unlimited number of copies will in no way increase the total cost of the order by more than the cost of paper by the requested number of copies. A cuneiform copyist would rip off the full cost for a set of each individual copy.

If it is neither more nor less than a score, then the special useful functions of the computer program used will allow us to quickly and easily extract any required number of orchestral parts after a music engraving, without significantly increasing the cost of their re-perevisit.

In the process of working on the music engraving, if necessary, their simultaneous transposition is possible. And finally, at the end of all the work, the result can be presented to the customer in any format convenient for him, not even excluding the possibility of orderly listening in real time.

The long evolution of music engraving, on the one hand, and the constant striving of each and everyone to facilitate their own life as much as possible, not excluding the uninterrupted receipt of additional income, on the other, led to the creation of a modern, fast and convenient music engraving. And not a single musical performance will be delayed for even one second, in any part of the world due to the absence of any of the participants in their own set of beautifully issued, comfortably decorated and ideally accessible for perception notes.


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