Music transposition

Transposing music is a professional technique that many musicians use.

What is transposition in music?
Transposing music – transfer music to a new key.

For example.
You have a favorite song or any other favorite composition written, for example in B-flat.
But, for some reason, you want to perform music in A-flat.

We can perform music copying by applying transposition to set your favorite music in any key.

We will be able to transpose any ensemble or complete orchestral score.
Also we will be able to transpose individual parts or individual instruments.

Transposing music can be performed:
– a new music coping of manuscripts in a given key
– a separate music copying from your digital file

We make transposing music in a short time (Finale, Sibelius).
If you need to enter a correction in sheet music or score, we will precisely execute your settings.


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